Atie HorvatAtie Horvat

Atie Horvat (Horvát Attila) Underground electronic music producer was born on the 24th on June, 1989 in the former Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia (today Serbia). Music has always been a part of his interests. After influence of Hefty,Gabeen,Stevie Wilson,DKult in 2012 October he descided to start producing.Early 2013 he won the Ronny Vergara’s Hypomania remix contest (Resorted Recordings Unlimited) and that gave him a starting motivation to produce some more. By 2014 he was already releasing on labesl such as like Black Circus,Naughty Pills,Dystopian Rhythm,Rheostatus,Brachial Kontakt,NG Records,Concepto Hipnotico,Rheostatus,De-Konstrukt,Elite Of Techno and many more, and the beginning of that year he also began his DJ carriere . His first gig took place with NGRecords in April 2014 in Bulgaria,Sofia.The crowds and other djs positive feedback was a big experience for him. His another big appereance was at the famous TOY Club in Stuttgart where he already had few gigs with djs such as like : Dandi & Ugo,Mike Vath,Dj Go D!va,Virgil Enzinger,Lukas Freudenberger,Marika Rossa,Bjorn Torwellen,Deh Noizer,Silvano Scarpetta,Hystericmaniac,2Loud and more.