Dystopian Rhythm Podcast 099 – Morgan Tomas

Morgan Tomas is a DJ/Producer from France. He’s also running the label Reloading Records and the weekly podcast with the same name.
In the past years, he has several releases coming out on labels such as Sleaze, Nachtstrom Schallplatten, Prosthetic Pressings or even Silent Steps and has been supported by great artists who often play his tracks.
Morgan’s music is a deep rooted Techno, dark and energetic.


Podcast 99 400X400

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DRR015 – Uun – Sensory Corridors Remixed

Sensory Corridors Remixed High Res Art












Our fifteenth release is a collection of remixes from Uun‘s debut full-length Sensory Corridors. The album varied from cavernous broken-beat to darker and heavier territory and back into smooth and funky dubby techno, and the remixes retain that sense of adventure.

Reloading Records boss Morgan Tomas takes Metropolis into an even more atmospheric sense backed by a stomping beat. Stevie Wilson’s remix of Cyclopean ups the energy of the original while maintaining the mystery and moodiness. Cold Rising is remixed by MONO.xID into a heaver dance-floor ready workout. Mike Gervais transforms Under the Gradient from the foreboding original into peak-time madness.

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