Dystopian Rhythm Podcast 106 – Rubidium

Rubidium is Rachel Bisagni, a newcomer DJ and producer, based in Oakland, California. Inspired by over 20 years of classical dance training, plus 15 years on crowded dance floors, she strives to bring a signature sense of movement to her sets. She has opened for notable techno artists Cio D’Or and Black Asteroid, and also released her first track on Vancouver’s Subspec label in 2013.

Rachel also supports the From 0-1 label as their art director, pushing pixels and podcasts since the start of the label in 2008.



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Dystopian Rhythm Podcast 105 – Steven Lorenz

Steven Lorenz is a founding member of Intransikbeats and General Manager of Iron Shirt Recordings.

He is on the front lines, djing and displaying his and the work of Intransikbeats on a regular basis. He hosts a monthly event at The Shelter in Shanghai, China called Bassment and also had a resident spot at Sub-Culture where he had the opportunity to play with international artists that still inspires him in his production and performances. Artists he supported includes Goldie, Kode9, Pinch, Shackelton, Desto, Tes Larok.
His production, which varied over the years, has found an aggressive, hypnotic, low frequency tone. He releases on Dark and Sonorous, Concepto Hipnotico, DMT Records and many more.
Collaborating with other artists within and outside of Intransikbeats is a big part of his work, He continues supporting the alternative, experimental genres and working toward spreading the culture and creativity.


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Dystopian Rhythm Podcast 104 – Linos

In 1999 this Coruñés began his career as a DJ, mainly influenced by American techno and English. You will gradually permeating their sessions a unique technique and great skill to decks that make a reference of the Galician landscape.
Techno and vinyl are synonymous with life for him, leaving nobody indifferent to such an extent that it becomes his main passion. Everyone who has seen him live recognized as far promotions, competitions and new technologies that facilitate new art dj, he fills his suitcase stickers and decorate their sessions with a quality worthy of the greatest mixers .
He has been fortunate to share the booth with the largest national and international scene for various points of the Spanish geography as well as outside its borders, reaching act in Berlin.
In 2007 he joined with De Oliveira, Delirium Tremens, a very compact and edgy versus in combining live dj set, with which they removed references in the record labels: Mastertraxx, Naked Lunch or Infecta.
In 2013 she founded with the Galician collective Inopia 12-inch, collective composed of artists vinyl lovers and more analog sound.
He is currently responsible for the Archaic Podcast, sets a series of 12-inch prints by various artists in which the analog sound predominates whether in the form of dj set or live.


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Dystopian Rhythm Podcast 103 – Markus Masuhr

Today’s podcast comes from German techno producer Markus Masuhr.
From the deep and raw side of techno comes the artist Markus Masuhr. He lives in Leipzig/Germany and is
the labelboss of “Pragmat” and the netlabel “Insectorama”. Markus started with electronic music in 1993 with friends at a youth club and illegal parties in Leipzig, he went on spinning techno records.
When turning to produce electronic music himself in 2003, he chose to express his versatile style preferences in his own works as well – making tracks and live acts ranging from deep techno with dub elements to raw techno. In the last years he has published on countless labels [Pragmat/Insectorama/Superbrecordings/Circular/Rohs/ Authentic Pew/Nulabel/k-84 Records…] He himself describes his sound as techno, that you feel approaching from the rear of the hard but deep with chords echos and delays in a 4/4 pattern dubtechno construct. In the end of the Year 2013 starts a new side project with the name stghz.01. He himself describes his sound as techno that you feel approaching from the rear of the hard but deep with chords echos and delays in a 4/4 pattern dubtechno construct.


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Dystopian Rhythm Podcast 102 – John V

Our guest this week is Colombian producer John Vasquez aka John V (now based in Madrid).

In the 90’s began his career with the Disco and House music in his hometown (Bogota). From 2007 resumed his career in the Techno scene producing for labels SubSensory Records, Sui Generiz, among others where his music was well received coming Drumcode Radio and festivals today to debut in labels as ohn.cet, Naked Lunch, Monocline NuLabel, Complexed Records, Organism, Illegal Alien.


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