Dystopian Rhythm Podcast 111 – Uun (live in Detroit)

This week’s podcast is Uun’s full set from our Onset 2015 event that took place at The Works in Detroit on June 19, 2015.

Coming up in the music scene of Kansas City, Uun crafted his love for the darker edges of sound as a guitarist in metal bands before turning his focus to techno. Both his early work as an instrumentalist and his current work as a techno producer share a common exploration of darkness both in mood and in execution. As his discography has grown, so have his productions and mixes quickly evolved into their own unique sound.

Uun’s recent work with top labels and producers Reloading Records, Dystopian Rhythm, Teggno, Sutter Cane, Brian Burger, and Andrei Morant, has garnered attention from the likes of Chris Liebing, Joseph Capriatti, Octave, Tom Hades, Dubfire, and many more.

As a DJ, Uun has quickly made a name for himself around the Midwest. His deep, hard, and heady style relies both on smooth blends as well as complex layering, moving from the depths of dub and bass to the broken dystopian soundscapes linking his own music to the larger techno world. He has also put great importance on the DJ mix as a complete concept, releasing thoughtful sets for Project Techno, Reloading Records, Dystopian Rhythm, SUBterror Radio, and Monument among others.

In 2015 and beyond, Uun’s hardworking ethos will continue with multiple new releases and remixes in the works. Whether in the studio or on the decks, prepare for a descent into dub and darkness.

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Dystopian Rhythm Podcast 110 – Pinion (live in Detroit)

This week we’re happy to share the recording of Pinion’s recent set at our Onset 2015 event, June 19th, 2015 at The Works in Detroit.

Bobby Dowell has a sound that’s both hard and human. With releases on Droid, Soma, Perc Trax and elsewhere he’s developed an approach that keeps things moody and moving at the same time. He delivers a sound that can be devoid of form, while embracing the traditional canvas of 4/4. The sound is dark and decadent, while creating a living, breathing human element that one could only describe as a soul.
As of late he has been focusing on his persona as Pinion. Being a more experimental and industrial project, Pinion is the sound of a man with his own vision of music, sitting somewhere between classic industrial and contemporary techno without being completely dedicated to either discipline. Where the likes of classic industrial methods are
the sound of metal on metal, Pinion is more like wood on leather, a ceremonial throb that switches in an instant from tightly locked grooves to more freeform rhythmic patterns. Equally at home serving up percussive workouts as he is crafting dense, atmospheric soundscapes the sound of Pinion is nothing short of unyielding.

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Dystopian Rhythm Podcast 109 – Ricardo Garduno and Fixeer Live at Sudaka

This week we’re happy to present a live recording of a set by Ricardo Garduno and Fixeer, recorded live at Sudaka in Mexico City at the recent Vector Functions 2 Year Anniversary event, headlined by Oscar Mulero.

Both artists have an extensive history of pushing techno in Mexico and around the world. Both have released on Garduno’s own Illegal Alien Recordings as well as Brood Audio, Impact Mechanics, Vector Functions, and several others.

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Dystopian Rhythm Podcast 108 – D.B.A.P.

D.B.A.P. is a hybrid DJ/live PA collaboration from Deniel Blond and A. Picon that takes on a raw, industrial sound. They’ve released together and separate on Dynamic Reflection,  Labyrinth, Reaktivate, and others.


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Dystopian Rhythm Podcast 107 – Vegim

Vegim’s journey into the underground began in the early 1990’s. At first, music was just a hobby. Once he began collecting records his obsession grew stronger and he invested in his first pieces of music equipment.
1998 was the year Vegim became a full time slave to the underground. He rapidly developed his skills as a DJ and in his Production.
By the age of 18 Vegim had already discovered his lust for House & Techno.
The desire to tell his story through music took over and Vegim has never looked back.

Vegim’s earliest experiments in the studio go back to around 2002. After about 4 years of hard work, he released his first EP – Creature 3000 with Nani Killa, this is his first tune which went on to receive support from a lot known World DJs.
Today, Vegim is recognized as one of Techno’s most influential artists.
Not only a skilled DJ/Producer but also a graphics designer and coneptionalist that has a style unlike any other.

He has released his own tracks and done countless remixes for many of the best known labels in the Techno realm.
His tracks and remixes are well supported by dj’s like: Dave Clarke, Laurent Garnier, Chris Liebing, Richie Hawtin, Xhin, Joseph Capriati, Mark Eg, A Paul, Gayle San and many more.

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