DRR 012 – Andre Ramos – Generator













Generator, our 12th release on Dystopian Rhythm, comes from Andre Ramos. Generator A and Generator B kick the EP off with a driving sound and distorted synth line. The Owslah & Goetz Remix bring a bit more groove to round things out. Finally, Monix brings a vocal, synth-driven remix of Expansion Unit.

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DRR011 – Dolgener – Nevers













Our 11th EP brings a familiar face back into the fold with Toronto’s Dolgener, who previously gave us a downright cinematic remix on Virulent’s Voidwalker EP. This one is built around a stomping prime-time original titled Nevers, in Dolgener’s signature out-there style. Garrett Dillon’s remix is an equally chaotic take with a broken beat. The other 2 remixers are 2 new faces to Dystopian Rhythm, Submerge and L.A.W., providing 2 more streamlined, warehouse-style version of Nevers.


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DRRLP01 – Uun – Sensory Corridors













Over the past couple of years Uun has been honing his sound in the studio and as a DJ. “Sensory Corridors”, his debut LP, shows the results of this creative process. It presents multiple shades of dark and dubby techno, all primed with an underlying current of melancholy. Uun tells us that his inspiration for this album struck in the midsts of a particularly cold and brutal midwest winter, causing him to take on his most ambitious project to date. The tracks themselves range from chord laden dub techno, to dark foreboding broken beat, to pad driven ambiance, and although the mood shifts slightly from track to track, the album still maintains a through line of cohesion.


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DRR010 – Angel Costa – Alive













One of our biggest releases yet comes from Spanish producer Angel Costa, who in addition to his own label REZ, has released on Brood Audio, CLR, Electric Deluxe, Sleaze, and several others. Here he delivers two originals in his signature dark and heavy style, perfect for peak-time destruction with a cerebral twist. Illegal Alien founder Ricardo Garduno’s remix takes a more hypnotic turn, while the remix from Dystopian Rhythm’s Garrett Dillon has a cavernous feel complete with ominous echoes.


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DRR009 – Atie Horvat – Shifter














Our 9th EP on Dystopian Rhythm comes from Serbian techno producer Atie Horvat. Atie brings his signature style of dark, driving techno with Miles Away and Shifter, and moves into broken-beat mayhem with Scrambled. Memnok provides a dark remix for Miles Away, while Forest People brings a more danceable rendition of Shifter.

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