Dystopian Rhythm Podcast 103 – Markus Masuhr

Today’s podcast comes from German techno producer Markus Masuhr.
From the deep and raw side of techno comes the artist Markus Masuhr. He lives in Leipzig/Germany and is
the labelboss of “Pragmat” and the netlabel “Insectorama”. Markus started with electronic music in 1993 with friends at a youth club and illegal parties in Leipzig, he went on spinning techno records.
When turning to produce electronic music himself in 2003, he chose to express his versatile style preferences in his own works as well – making tracks and live acts ranging from deep techno with dub elements to raw techno. In the last years he has published on countless labels [Pragmat/Insectorama/Superbrecordings/Circular/Rohs/ Authentic Pew/Nulabel/k-84 Records…] He himself describes his sound as techno, that you feel approaching from the rear of the hard but deep with chords echos and delays in a 4/4 pattern dubtechno construct. In the end of the Year 2013 starts a new side project with the name stghz.01. He himself describes his sound as techno that you feel approaching from the rear of the hard but deep with chords echos and delays in a 4/4 pattern dubtechno construct.


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Dystopian Rhythm Podcast 102 – John V

Our guest this week is Colombian producer John Vasquez aka John V (now based in Madrid).

In the 90’s began his career with the Disco and House music in his hometown (Bogota). From 2007 resumed his career in the Techno scene producing for labels SubSensory Records, Sui Generiz, among others where his music was well received coming Drumcode Radio and festivals today to debut in labels as ohn.cet, Naked Lunch, Monocline NuLabel, Complexed Records, Organism, Illegal Alien.


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DRR015 – Uun – Sensory Corridors Remixed

Sensory Corridors Remixed High Res Art












Our fifteenth release is a collection of remixes from Uun‘s debut full-length Sensory Corridors. The album varied from cavernous broken-beat to darker and heavier territory and back into smooth and funky dubby techno, and the remixes retain that sense of adventure.

Reloading Records boss Morgan Tomas takes Metropolis into an even more atmospheric sense backed by a stomping beat. Stevie Wilson’s remix of Cyclopean ups the energy of the original while maintaining the mystery and moodiness. Cold Rising is remixed by MONO.xID into a heaver dance-floor ready workout. Mike Gervais transforms Under the Gradient from the foreboding original into peak-time madness.

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DRR014 – Ledd, Bruno Ledesma – Signal – No Signal













Our first release of 2015 comes from prolific Argentinian producer Ledd (Bruno Ledesma), founder of Concepto Hipnotico. The EP starts off with the energetic and jacking Signal. Andres Gil takes it in an atmospheric direction, while Sebastian Cohen builds on it with some old school flair. Ledd’s other original is the trippy and pounding No Signal.

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