Dystopian Rhythm Podcast 115 – Ninna V

Ninna V. started working as dj at Mercado Bar, Porto, as a resident in 1992, just after she was a resident at Club Cais 447, in Matosinhos, Porto, as well,where she stayed till 93.When these club and bar closed, she went to Marechal Bar and stayed as resident for 1 year.
In that time there wasn’t dj agencies yet in Portugal,she had the idea of opening one, called “Beyond the Agency” to represent herself and other dj’s to launch, also were starting the rave parties, all new to this country, had this agency for 12 years.
So, she started to represent national and international dj’s and booking them to play here in PT.
She played with some of the best national and international, dj’s in the world like :Dave Clark, A. Paul, Advent, Gayle San, Ricardo Garduno, Marika Rossa, Electrorites, Deh Noiser, Peder, Mas Teeveh, Shin Nishimura, Kevin Yost, Roger Sanchez, David Alvarado, Danny “Buddah” Moralles, Richard Lees Crees, Kid Loco, Victor Simonelli,Benji Candelario, Paco Buggin, Nacho, Victor Flores, Jose Luis Magoya, Mario Roque, Dj Vibe, Carlos Manaça, Petty, Jiggy, Oscar Baía, Luis Leite, Paulo Leite,João Daniel. etc.
For 23 years she played everywhere in Portugal, at all knowing clubs, like : Kremlin, Comvento, Alcantara Club, Industria, Swing, Maré Alta, Kadoc , Locomia, Capitulo V,etc etc.
Was responsible for many ” Leite Night Sessions” parties, with Luis Leite and Paulo Leite, where they all played together, around the country.
Also went to play at : Vigo, Coruña, Barcelona, Spain, Grahamstown Music, Culture and Multimedia Festival, South Africa, Malta, London, NYC, Zurich, ect
She produced and organized events since 96, the first one was in Lisbon, at Armazem 3, where there was about 3000 people.Later, organized also a Tour around Portugal and Spain, with dj Mario Roque, and to name a few of clubs where they played : Teatro Sa da Bandeira, Kremlin, Kadoc, Vademecum,Vigo, etc.
Organized also a New Year’s Eve, at Kadoc Club, with dj Benji Candelario.
She also had a radio show called ” Groovy Planet”, and could interview dj’s and play their sets, it was a 2h show, at NFM radio.
Had a bar in Porto, called Maré Alta as Club and After hours, knowing as Maré Alta the Oficial After Hours of Porto City, where many great dj’s played : Dj Vibe, dj Jiggy, Mario Roque, Dl Costa, David Alvarado ( USA), etc…
Her track “Cause” ( Sergio Vilas remix ) was played by Carl Cox in NYC, May 2014, which means her name is growing and supported by the big boss himself.

Played in Detroit at the Works for Sub-Division presents Naked Lunch Showcase, with A. Paul, Angel Alanis & Maria Goetz, Detroit Techno Militica and more !

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Dystopian Rhythm Podcast 114 – Mike Derer

Mike Derer: Just a man with a dick and a dream. Initially raised by feral wolves, he transcended the forest and made his way into innercity. From there, he made moves in the rap game before stumbling upon an illegal warehouse rave party one fateful evening. Once inside, he couldn’t believe what he heard. He had to back up off of it and set it his cup down, house music and chronic, “Boy I’m fucked up now!” he thought.

From that moment forward, he was inspired to become the biggest EDM DJ Ibiza has ever seen. The road has taken its toll. Many contenders have challenged him in the arena but none have lived to talk about it. One evening in a Walmart parking lot, he saved a baby from a burning car. In the process, it left his body horribly scarred. It took years of corrective surgery for Mike to get better. “We can rebuild him, we have the technology” some fucking “Doctor” said. So they did. This brings us to today, Mike Derer is the half-human, half-plastic techno robot machine of the future, but he is here early…TODAY. – Dustin Zahn

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Dystopian Rhythm Podcast 113 – Gronotek

Known in music as Gronotek, born in 1990 in the west side of ​​Santiago de Chile. Has a normal life, until his young age of 11, influenced by his older brother, he is taken to his first rave for the year 2001. Amazed by the sounds of electronic music, there is what would be your lifestyle.

Starting primarily with harder sounds like hardcore and hardtechno, influenced by artists such as dj amok, Frank Kvitta, viper xxl, headbanger, RTC, and others.
It is initiating its first mixes in the underground atmosphere of Santiago.

After several years listening to music, it is that your musical profile is becoming more and more sense, which is why in 2005, began his career in music production of techno music.

After several years, playing at events in the city, gradually gained momentum his career, it is how in 2010 he founded the platform A Techno Alliance.

In 2015 he founded his personal stamp, ATA SERIES REC., which brings a new wave of techno sound, filled with fresh energy artists to display current, space and hypnotic techno.

With The Ripped, owner of UTCH, Greyhead owner K-84 and Sarnival, Spanish DJ and producer, decided to found UFO GROUP / ADVANCE TECHNO.

This is the opportunity to show their talents in clubs in the city of Santiago, Buenos Aires and Colombia, and gave its style, and standing by it.


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Dystopian Rhythm Podcast 111 – Uun (live in Detroit)

This week’s podcast is Uun’s full set from our Onset 2015 event that took place at The Works in Detroit on June 19, 2015.

Coming up in the music scene of Kansas City, Uun crafted his love for the darker edges of sound as a guitarist in metal bands before turning his focus to techno. Both his early work as an instrumentalist and his current work as a techno producer share a common exploration of darkness both in mood and in execution. As his discography has grown, so have his productions and mixes quickly evolved into their own unique sound.

Uun’s recent work with top labels and producers Reloading Records, Dystopian Rhythm, Teggno, Sutter Cane, Brian Burger, and Andrei Morant, has garnered attention from the likes of Chris Liebing, Joseph Capriatti, Octave, Tom Hades, Dubfire, and many more.

As a DJ, Uun has quickly made a name for himself around the Midwest. His deep, hard, and heady style relies both on smooth blends as well as complex layering, moving from the depths of dub and bass to the broken dystopian soundscapes linking his own music to the larger techno world. He has also put great importance on the DJ mix as a complete concept, releasing thoughtful sets for Project Techno, Reloading Records, Dystopian Rhythm, SUBterror Radio, and Monument among others.

In 2015 and beyond, Uun’s hardworking ethos will continue with multiple new releases and remixes in the works. Whether in the studio or on the decks, prepare for a descent into dub and darkness.

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Dystopian Rhythm Podcast 110 – Pinion (live in Detroit)

This week we’re happy to share the recording of Pinion’s recent set at our Onset 2015 event, June 19th, 2015 at The Works in Detroit.

Bobby Dowell has a sound that’s both hard and human. With releases on Droid, Soma, Perc Trax and elsewhere he’s developed an approach that keeps things moody and moving at the same time. He delivers a sound that can be devoid of form, while embracing the traditional canvas of 4/4. The sound is dark and decadent, while creating a living, breathing human element that one could only describe as a soul.
As of late he has been focusing on his persona as Pinion. Being a more experimental and industrial project, Pinion is the sound of a man with his own vision of music, sitting somewhere between classic industrial and contemporary techno without being completely dedicated to either discipline. Where the likes of classic industrial methods are
the sound of metal on metal, Pinion is more like wood on leather, a ceremonial throb that switches in an instant from tightly locked grooves to more freeform rhythmic patterns. Equally at home serving up percussive workouts as he is crafting dense, atmospheric soundscapes the sound of Pinion is nothing short of unyielding.

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