Dystopian Rhythm Podcast 061 – 14anger

14anger is a time traveler. Collector of techno classics, admirer of futuristic sequencing,
he weaves these together for an eternal timed prophecy rave. He started djing
in 1994, spinning hardcore and drum’n’bass and returned to his techno roots in 2013.
14anger brings on a dancefloor what his tracks give to you ears : mental energy.
Well-appreciated south-France label and party promoter, 14anger proposes today a
bold dancefloor techno, balanced with acid synths and mesmerizing beats. Thanks
to techno, hardcore, trance and industrial influences. His techno mixes recalls how
techno should always be played : 2 tracks together open the gates of a brighter
immediate future. This rave ambassador knows how to shake your party, marking it
with a personal before/after effect.

Website : 14anger.com
Soundcloud : @14anger

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