Dystopian Rhythm Podcast 059 – Obstruct

Obstruct/Rob Romine grew up in Albuquerque NM listening to punk rock and hip hop, and eventually industrial and house music throughout the later half of the 90′s. His Djing influence started in late ’99 playing everything from breakbeat, drum n bass, trance, and house. Throughout the 2000′s, Rob appeared at most major events and held several residencies throughout the Kansas City area. He also worked at local record stores as resident buyer and promoted large and small scale events on a regular basis.Over the last few years his dedication has been focused on producing and performing. Spending countless hours in the studio has resulted in the launch of Rheostatus, a Kansas City based Techno label, featuring artists such as: Komprezzor, Garrett Dillon, Virulent, Uun and many more. You can hear Obstruct performing live and on podcasts; SUBTerror Radio, Dystopian Rhythm Detroit, and The Secret Show.

For Bookings: rob[at]rheostat.us



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