Dystopian Rhythm Podcast 029 – Angel Costa Live At Pandemic

Angel Costa – (Spain)

Today we have a special live recording of Angel Costa from our recent Pandemic event in Detroit.  This recording is a mix of line-in and field mic to emulate the warehouse feel of The Works back room where Angel performed.  It was a great night, and we’re glad we can share this with you.

Angel started his career in the early 90s on the Spanish island of Mallorca, where he was born and raised. From his early beginnings, he was playing different musical styles including house in various local clubs. In all his sets, he would always push the envelope and expose new sounds to his audience.
A little after year 2000, Angel was finally and completely turned onto techno and hasn’t turned back since! In the past decade, he has been busy playing countless gigs in Mallorca and on the mainland of Spain and increasing his fan base in his homeland.

A gig at the famous Sonar Festival in Barcelona inspired him to start producing music and to launch his own label REZ. He is currently busy producing and releasing his own music on REZ and on several international labels.
After his debut show on the CLR podcast, he was instantly recognized by Brood Audio and has since signed on with the label with his massive track “Asylum” being charted by major artists and rising on the Beatport Top 100 Techno chart!
After that, Angel has regularly released original and remixes on labels like: CLR, Electric Deluxe, micro.fon, Pong Music, Software Records, Natch, Cuatro Records, Illegal Alien, Eklero Records, Sonata…

Angel is and has always been a major driving force in the development of Mallorca´s techno scene and is regularly hosting nights at the “Gothic” and the “Modular”, two renowned local clubs. He has become an ambassador for electronic music on the Balearic Islands and now with his productions, he’s also taking the world by storm!















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